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Print is Not Dead! How Direct Mail Can Increase Your Revenue.

The average return on investment for direct mail is $4.09 for every $1.27 spent.

(Global News Wire)

Enhances Your Digital Presence.

Every business needs a marketing plan to increase revenue and raise brand awareness. Digital marketing is one of the most common methods to generate sales, but did you know that physical mail marketing can enhance your digital presence overall? 

84% of the Gen Z have received a direct mail piece with a QR code to interact with a brand online (by watching a video, going to a landing page with sales copy, or to order by phone/action device). Nearly 40% of these campaigns used direct mail and generated a profitable ROI. (CDMG Inc.)

What you should send.

Postcard mailers are considered a classic form of advertising, but they happen to be the most economical when it comes to direct mailing with Legend & Ko. Is your business currently offering some sort of special discount? If not, consider sending out an appealing postcard to advertise an exclusive promotion! Are you a new business looking to spread the word and bring in new customers? Sending out a welcome mailer to a specific list of people will exponentially help your business grow.

Increase your sales.

There was a 49% increase in sales and 125% in increase in customer inquiries who received both email and catalogs. (Harvard Business Review)

Ask us how.

We are the experts when it comes to design for mail and also have access to pull databasing in Central Texas for no extra fee's. Jordan (Korda) has a background in journalism/marketing and would love to help you come up with strong messaging to balance your eye-catching artwork! We operate our own mailing permit with start to finish, high-quality print to mail capabilities with competitive rates! Email your account manager and get started. Direct Mail is easy with Legend & Ko.


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